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I was in my early teens when I first discovered the wonderful music of early jazz. I was captivated by its exciting sound, but just as importantly, I was fascinated by the stories of the lives of great artists such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith and many, many others. This fascination has stayed with me for over 50 years and inspires much of my art.

Most of the early performers had to struggle against extreme poverty, bigotry and exploitation, but a few survived to see their art acknowledged as the greatest single influence on modern popular music. I was lucky to see some of them in their old age, still producing superb and exhilarating music. Fortunately, records make it possible to hear them at their peak and my aim is to capture the spirit of this joyful, brash and exuberant sound. These works of art are my nostalgic celebration of this memorable era.

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  2nd line
New Orleans Joys
Yonder comes the Blues
Oh! Play That Thing!
      mood indigo
Swing, Brother, Swing

KIng Oliver's Dixie Syncopators -1926