Home Work




This started when I had the thought that my lovely ukulele group, The Salisbury Pluckers, could do with a banner.
I began with a quick sketch, and  the rest kept on following.



Next batch of sketches, coloured in Photoshop

Next step: a transfer for ukes - but very fiddly

"The Carousel at Le Grand Bornand 1 & 2."
Oil on canvas. 50 x 20 cm
£60 the pair

Inspired by a wonderfully surreal carousel that I sketched in the Alpine home of the famous Reblochon cheese of Haute-Savoie(with a few added rides).

"Terathorpius Ukuledatu"

Acrylic on canvas 8" x 12"


Finaly, 3" & 4" Stickers